The regular meeting of the Bienville Parish School Board will be THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the School Board Office, 1956 First Street, Arcadia, Louisiana.

The agenda for this meeting is as follows:

CALL TO ORDER: Larry Knotts, President

OPENING PRAYER: Bonita Reliford

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: William Wysinger, Superintendent

1.    Approve the agenda posted November 30, 2018 for the December 6, 2018 regular meeting of the Bienville Parish School Board;

2.    Recognize and honor Crawford Elementary School, Gibsland-Coleman High School, Ringgold Elementary School, and Saline High School as being identified by the State Department of Education as a “Top Gain” school;

3.    Consider approval of minutes from the regular meeting November 1, 2018 and from the special meeting November 7, 2018;

4.    Consider adopting proposed policy revisions on public display from November 2, 2018 through December 5, 2018 (File: IFBGA, JCDAF, JCDAG);

5.    Consider placing proposed policy revisions on public display from December 7, 2018 through January 9, 2019 (File: GBK, GBN, IFCB, IHAD, JGCE, JR);

6.    To consider and take action for canvassing the returns and declaring the results of the special election held in the Parish wide School District of the Parish of Bienville, State of Louisiana, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, to authorize the levy of special taxes therein;

7.    Consider request for use of school facilities;

8.    Consider request for educational trips (out of state);

9.    Consider executive session for prospective litigation/arbitration regarding Job #2014-08 – All Weather Athletic Track at Gibsland-Coleman High School.


Larry Knotts, President

William Wysinger, Superintendent

Board Meeting Agenda, Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM